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Brilliant. Hilarious. A crazy production with superb, unbridled talent. I'd go again and again!

Holy. Incredible. The acting, the directing, all of it. Probably my favourite play I've ever seen. 

The cast was amazing! The directing was fantastic! I laughed from start to finish! 

So funny and perfectly uncomfortable. Such a refreshing change of pace from typical plays. 

Unreal. The best show I've seen in a very long time! 

Go see this Kelowna! I was blown away tonight! 


Amazing show. Best directing I've seen in the Okanagan, in my humble opinion. Performances were all very strong and engaging. Well done!


Edgy and entertaining. The crowd loved it. So good to see X-rated theatre in Kelowna. Well done to [the cast and crew]!

Congratulations MadFox on a really incredible show. Laugh a minute with great emotions mixed in. Bravo. 

Consistently incredible work!


What a wild comic ride! Great ensemble work. 

Punched in all the feels! A real rollercoaster!

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