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Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things Arrives in Kelowna

The work of the New York Times bestselling author and critically acclaimed novelist is being presented by MadFox Theatre February 1st to 4th, 2023.

Tiny Beautiful Things, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and is a collection of essays compiled from Strayed’s “Dear Sugar” advice column, which she wrote anonymously from 2010-2012. Thousands turned to “Sugar” for her searing honesty, as she pulled upon her own life experiences with raw vulnerability. Sugar once described the way she writes the column “As if I were a naked woman standing in a field showing you everything but [my] face”. In February 2023, local Kelowna theatre company MadFox Theatre, has been given exclusive permission to stage Strayed’s stories in a dramatic adaptation written by Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), with the company even getting a nod of approvement from Strayed herself over social media.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have been given permission to bring Tiny Beautiful Things to Kelowna” says director Pete MacLeod. “Cheryl’s writing is so honest and visceral, to bring it to our Okanagan audiences is a privilege we’re not taking for granted.” Not only does the show mark MadFox Theatre’s return to full productions post-pandemic, but also the debut directorial gig for MacLeod, a well-known Okanagan based actor who is recognized for his work with Kelowna Actors Studio, Fred Skeleton Theatre and other troupes in the valley.

“It’s a daunting piece of theatre to tackle” says MacLeod, “but I’m incredibly fortunate to have the powerhouse cast that has come together.”

The cast is lead by Michelle Deighton, who MacLeod states is the one who first brought him the script. “Michelle came to me with this as a passion project, and I really don’t think there is anyone else around who could inhabit this role the way that she has.” Rounding out the cast are Casey Easton, Angela Schjodt, and Mikayla Jones - all experienced and highly respected performers in their own rights. “The three of them have the opportunity to play multiple letter writers, of varying ages and backgrounds, so to watch these three showcase their range is such a treat. Every person I talk to about this show can’t believe the talent we’ve brought together - they’re truly my dream cast.”

Tiny Beautiful Things runs February 1st to February 4th, 2023 at the French Cultural Centre (702 Bernard Avenue) in Downtown Kelowna. Limited seating is available and tickets can be purchased here. The performance is being sponsored by Okanagan realtor Crissy Zach and ticketing partner, Ticket Owl.


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