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"A very surreal experience and it was the most well acted show I’ve ever seen in the Okanagan. Michelle Deighton [Sugar] is so good in this, and due to its intimate setting, you feel what she’s feeling during every moment and it gets very RAW.
[Director] Pete MacLeod has set the bar VERY high."
Stephen Keppler, MOVE Radio

"Raw, beautiful. Each cast member held the intimate audience so well" 
-TheatreJunkie BC

"The actors held the content delicately so you could see the beauty in pain and anguish." 

"Words were poetry and acting so natural"
- Anna Jacyszyn, Kelowna Daily Courier

"This is a must see. Sobering. Humbling. Compassionate. Full of Empathy. Present"

"Casey Easton's monologue/list messed me up in the best/worst way"


"This show was PHENOMENAL! Amazing work MadFox Theatre"

"Mikayla Jones was so so amazing!"

"Just … wow. Incredibly grateful and happy I got to see this. Bravo to everyone involved - especially the stellar cast of 4 - you were phenomenal "

"Loved this show!!  Congratulations all around!! What an amazing accomplishment!"

"A beautiful, brave show."

"You will leave the show entertained and full!"

"Angela Schjodt specifically [showcases] impressive range"


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